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Peter Woodward III

New Blog location!

The other day I was playing video games with elo boost services from
Elitist Gaming and from www.p4rgaming.com/blog/cheap-elo-boosting-services when I decided to move my blog (and eventually my portfolio as well) to paperwaspgraphics.com instead.

Thanks for reading!

First Official Look at New Pennywise 2017 EXPOSED!

new pennywise 2017


They released the full costume image of Bill Skarsgard’s new Pennywise 2017 look!

I loved Stephen King’s IT growing up so I’m excited to see this. I enhanced the recently released image in Photoshop so we can see all of its glorious secrets.


new pennywise 2017

My first thought was it looks a bit feminine, but I think once we see him in action it’ll scare the pants off us.I am going to see the movie in the cinema near the Baby Stroller Center downtown.


new pennywise 2017

And don’t forget…

new pennywise 2017


Adventures in 3d Land

Peter Woodward Graphic Design - Paper Wasp Graphics - New Mexico Red or Green Chile

So I’m about a week or so into learning Cinema 4d and this is my progress. Thanks to Lynda.com for the training videos. They have accelerated my understanding of plenty of software.

Peter Woodward - New Mexico (Red or Green) 3d Art 04



Peter Woodward - Rosie from Jetsons 06



Hoverboard-on white

Muse Logo

Peter Woodward Graphic Design - Paper Wasp Graphics - Muse neon sign logo

Muse is my muse while I’m learning to use Cinema 4d so I decided to recreate their logo.

Muse - Neon Sign