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Adventures in 3d Land

Peter Woodward Graphic Design - Paper Wasp Graphics - New Mexico Red or Green Chile

So I’m about a week or so into learning Cinema 4d and this is my progress. Thanks to Lynda.com for the training videos. They have accelerated my understanding of plenty of software.

Peter Woodward - New Mexico (Red or Green) 3d Art 04



Peter Woodward - Rosie from Jetsons 06



Hoverboard-on white

Muse Logo

Peter Woodward Graphic Design - Paper Wasp Graphics - Muse neon sign logo

Muse is my muse while I’m learning to use Cinema 4d so I decided to recreate their logo.

Muse - Neon Sign

Update: Stay Fat Marshmallow Guy

So my coworker, Troy G, suggested that I submit the “Stay Fat” art as a shirt design on TeeFury.com. I added the phrase “The Stay Fat Marshmallow Guy” to the design in the style of the Family Guy logo. I have a good feeling that if they choose to sell it on the site that it will do pretty well.

*Fingers crossed!*

Stay Fat Marshmallow Guy

Just for fun – I made this family guy parody of Peter Griffin as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – I thought it came out great so I’m sharing it lol

Are you excited about the new all-girl ghostbusters movie that was recently announced??